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Science Communicator

Jack Cooper



A poet with six years' experience in biomedical research, Jack Cooper writes on a breadth of topics, but has a soft spot for science, science fiction, 

local history, and the Saints.

He won The Eric Gregory Award in 2022 for 'Break the Nose of Every Beautiful Thing', which is available to order from Doomsday Press.

He is keen to use poetry and prose for science communication. Jack recently wrote The Poetry Society's educational resource 'We Are Cellular', which uses his poetry to explore cell biology and metaphor.

He proposed, developed, and delivered 12 hours of space-themed poetry workshops for the Science Museum and Imperial College London, with attendees writing more than 700 poems.

Jack has also delivered workshops and other poetic projects for the BBC, V&A Museum, Queercircle, and Oxford City Council, amongst others. 


He is always open for creative collaborations, having previously worked with classical musicians, graphic designers, and other poets.

Jack's poetry has been featured by BBC Radio 4, 

MagmaAmbitPopshot, and Young Poets Network.


Jack lives in London.

Photo credit: Olivia Da Costa


Break the Nose
of Every Beautiful Thing

Curiosity drives Jack Cooper’s debut pamphlet. Drawing from his experience in biomedical research, Cooper finds severe beauty at a cellular level. A maggot is ‘a white wave without water’; mould in a student flat is ‘a firework display exploding in slow motion’. The joy of discovery is a common thread that ties queer desire and dissection to Gilgamesh and genetically-engineered squids. Just as an egg becomes a fly and a boy becomes a man, we witness a metamorphosis of the scientific to the abstract. In these poems, a body is never finished. 

Break the Nose of Every Beautiful Thing won an Eric Gregory Award in 2022. 

Available now from Doomsday Press

"The words are elegant and precise; Break the Nose of Every Beautiful Thing is as joyful in its imagery as it is thought-provoking in its abstractions. Cooper takes us on a voyage of life and love, leaving us contemplating our own journeys of self-discovery."

- Dr Helen Sharman, Britain's first astronaut

"These are poems of learning, about both the self and the world around us, aglow with the bioluminescence of curiosity. Cooper's words have 'bloomed sleek and excessive / as an orchid's corolla'' on the page and in my mind, a heady scent that will tint the way I look at even the most everyday things - from Blu Tack to hoverflies - for a long time to come." 

- Ellora Sutton, author of Antonyms for Burial 

"It can be said that the power of poetry can be in its clashing of two unlike things and finding ways to connect the likenesses between them. In the case of Jack Cooper's Break the Nose of Every Beautiful Thing, this idea of poetry is constantly put to the test."

- Roger Robinson, author of A Portable Paradise

Selected Poems 

We practise anatomy

in the sweat of your single bed,

wanting to know every part of a person.

Ulna, patella, phalanges,

frenulum, philtrum, lunula;

language so sharp I can press it in you like a pin.

Here - this here

is a place I can love.


published in Ambit



Break the Nose of Every Beautiful Thing (Doomsday Press)

Jack's individual poems have been featured in the following magazines, anthologies, and platforms.

BBC Radio 4 (The Language Exchange), BBC Hereford & Worcester,

BBC CWR, Young Poets Network, Magma, Ambit, fourteen poems, Propel, Popshot, Under the Radar, Acumen, Poetry Birmingham, Stand, Interpreter's House, The Adriatic, Re·creation, Hippocrates Awards 2021 Anthology, Doth Drip Make the Man, The Oxford Magazine, Ode to Code: Bletchley Park, Places of Poetry: Mapping the Nation in Verse, The Verve Anthology of Diversity Poems, Queer Grief Zine, Bright Brains, Spirit of Fire and Dust, Alternative Truths, Hour of Writes, Life Plus 2 Metres, Forward Poetry: Mind Matters 2, Forward Poetry: Darkness Falls, Right Hand Pointing, Salon of the Refused, Marsden the Poetry Village Anthology 2019, Human Rights: Poems from the Positive Images Peace Festival Poetry Competition 2019, Chatterbox, Unhomely, Poetry Pea podcast, Hugh’s News, Poetry Kit, Fragmented Voices, HCE Magazine, Geopoetry 2020, époque press e-zine, bluebee magazine, Seen Zine #2, The ISIS, ASH, Cobalt, Kamena, Phenotype, The Swan, Cherwell, The Oxford Student, Seven Voices, notes, Blueprint zine, ECHT anthology, Two Play zine, Pharos, Are You Lost Yet


Recipient, Eric Gregory Award 2022

Official Selection, Ó Bhéal Poetry Film Competition 2022

Longlisted, National Poetry Competition 2017 

Inaugural winner of the Middleton-Miller Award for most Promising Young Writer.

1st Place, Shout Out for the Covered Market competition (18-24 category).

1st Place, Young Poets Network White Space Challenge.

Joint 2nd Place, Hippocrates Prize 2021 Open Category.

2nd Place, Young Poets Network 10th Anniversary Challenge.

3rd Place, Pre-Raphaelite Society Competition 2020/21.

3rd Place, streetcake experimental poetry prize 2020 (18-23 category).

Commended, Verve Poetry Festival Competition 2019.

Publications list

Proud to have worked with

Partners Jack Cooper.png

V&A Museum

A poets collective responding to the V&A's Fashioning Masculinities 

exhibition, culminating in performances at the V&A Late and Great Exhibition Road Festival


Queercircle and 14 Poems

Jack conceptualised and delivered a poetry workshop on using creative constraints to inspire new writing, for a class of ~30 people.


The Poetry Society 

and About Us

An educational resource written by Jack that uses his poem 'Micrographia, 1665' to explore cell biology and metaphor


The Poetry Society

and the Science Museum

Jack wrote two poems that engaged with the life and work of Czech poet and immunologist Miroslav Holub, culminating in four performances at the Science Museum Late and a preceding panel talk


Science Museum and

Imperial College London

Jack conceptualised and organised 12 hours of poetry workshops for the Great Exhibition Road Festival, creating all resources and delivering them alongside volunteer scientists and poets. In total, ~700 poems were written by attendees.


BBC and Young Identity

A search for the best emerging UK spoken word talent, culminating in a digital showcase


The V&A Museum

Jack conceptualised and delivered 3 hours of poetry workshops to an audience of young families and sculpture enthusiasts, guiding them through various activities that used the V&A's sculpture collection and the works  of Edmonia Lewis as inspiration.

Example projects

We Are Cellular

The Poetry Society

Nuclear solutions to a nucleic problem


Colour perception: Do you see the same shade of red as I do?


Bang! talks to... Dr Gavin Schmidt 



Brights Brain, the British Neuroscience Association newsletter

10th Anniversary Issue

Phenotype (Editor-in-Chief) 

Trinity Term 2018 Issue

Phenotype (Editor-in-Chief)

The Climate Change Issue

Bang! (Editor-in-Chief)

Yu-Gi-Oh and its Censorship Laws


The festival merging science and art - and liberating them both

Jack was interviewed for this I, Science article


Interview with Czech Centre London at the Science Museum

'Hommage to Miroslav Holub' celebrated the legacy

of the Czech poet and immunologist 

Positive Poetry Party

A Society of Authors' event to celebrate the 2022 Eric Gregory and Cholmondeley Award winners, performing from 28:34 

BBC Radio 4, The Language Exchange

Two clips discussing 'Micrographia, 1665'

The Covered Market Promotional Video, Oxford City Council

featuring extracts from 'Homecoming'

Interview with Stemettes

A social enterprise that encourages girls to pursue careers in STEM

Edinburgh Geological Society

performing from 10:08

fourteen poems interview

featuring 'Desire path' and 'Apoptosis'

Versopolis Festival of Hope, Young Poets Network

performing from 13:00

The Pre-Raphaelite Society

performing from 22:33'

The Covered Market Competition

featuring 'Homecoming'

'Strata' in collaboration with Alexander Jones

Official Selection, Ó Bhéal Poetry Film Competition 2022



Jack's debut pamphlet, Break the Nose of Every Beautiful Thing (Doomsday Press) is available to order now.

September 23rd

'Science and Sensibility' transdisciplinary conference, online

Jack is a keynote speaker, presenting on his practice of using poetry in science engagement, with accompanying performances.


More details

8pm, December 7th

Fire & Dust Poetry, Cafe Morso, Coventry, CV1 1GF

Jack will be headlining the regular Fire & Dust Poetry night,

which will include an open mic. 


More details


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Jack is particularly interested in hearing from other artists who want to collaborate.

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